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Designing a Better LED Experience


The Moddled team greets you,

happy to see you here.

Cutting-edge technology meets the latest in design.

At ModdLED, we offer designers, homeowners, and decorators the opportunity to access the next generation of lighting. From the newest in LED engineering to the finest in design and durability, ModdLED is a revolution for lighting. Our LED chips are in a class of their own, and represent the pinnacle of engineering, technology, and ingenuity.

More About Us
Inspired Design

Our in-house team of designers are trendsetters in both style and creativity. That means each ModdLED light fixture is not only elegant, it’s a statement piece, sure to enhance any doorway. From traditional to modern, minimalistic to show-stopping, we have something for every taste.

Custom Concepts
Custom Concepts

Our design team also works directly with clients, helping them design the perfect piece. Whether you’re a commercial space planner designing an office park, a home owner seeking the perfect front door accessory, or an interior designer on the lookout for the next trend for your clients, our team is ready to assist in bringing your vision to light.


Moddled mission. 

ModdLED’s mission is to bring users LED products that exceed expectations.


They do this through creating and sourcing new or better LED ideas. 

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